Perilla Plum
Green Tea

T4 works closely with our farmers, using traditional skills and techniques to brew the best perilla plums.

Perilla plums taste fresh until they are matured through several processes of brewing.

Native people travelling abroad are delighted to taste the sweetness of home and to enjoy the fragrance of Jasmine Green Tea

Natural Pulp

We add delicious passion fruit pulp to the finest tea, leading the beverage hand-shaking market with new experiences.

When passion fruits mature and fall from the tree naturally, the flavour is developed.

We use unique methods to support unique flavours. For example, we treat the fruit with extra care by growing them on hammocks to create a truly outstanding ingredient.

Milk Tea

Described as the magical milk tea, people take pleasure in the delicious mixture of peppermint and milk tea.

This combination creates the flavour of chocolate! No wonder that most customers are addicted to this natural miracle.

Elegant lady rose tea

More than a million cups sold! “Elegant Lady Rose Tea” is our best seller, recommended and desired throughout Taiwan.

The exclusive rose nectar took a whole year of research and development to create. It requires more than a thousand roses to extract just 1cc of essence, with 360 hours of aging.

We add natural rose petals to perfect the taste of this sweet, soft and fragrant Jadeite Royal Tea. The taste of beautiful luxury.