Taiwanese Tea Pride

A supreme variety of tea, grown in Taiwan, “Jadeite Royal Tea” has the best reputation because of the strict artisan rolling skills of our experienced tea masters and every detail of the roasting process.

We maintain a constant temperature of exactly 21 degrees, with strict moisture control from 65 to 75 degrees.

​This unique professional process was born in the orchards of Shippuden, Nantou.

“Jadeite Royal Tea” is the pride of Taiwan and the basis of T4’s unique teas with a unique aroma as well as the perfect flavour.

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Natural Ingredients

We search for the very best natural ingredients, working with our farmers to protect the quality at every stage.

“Perilla Plum” uses a traditional recipe with Lemon and Kumquat from Jiuru, Pingtung. Passion fruit from Nantou are harvested with extra-special care.

 Our grass jelly is made using many complex procedures, without preservatives colours or flavourings, and it takes more than six hours to make a batch.

T4 uses mixes natural ingredients in the perfect proportions to create a new and truly Taiwanese experience for you to share with friends.

90-minute Real KungfuTea

T4 insists upon a meticulously careful production process to maintain the highest possible quality for you to enjoy with friends. We use the ISO standard and adopt safety-guaranteed pearls from our long-established factory.

Thanks to the exclusive 90-minute braising technique used by our experienced producers, the lively pearls dance in precisely the right levels of water and heat.

Together with the classic flavours of milk and black tea, T4 proudly presents this world-famous milk tea, full of delicious, rounded pearls that are tender and yet al dente.